Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have been visiting many parks. If it's rainy we take them to Trader's Point Church's climbing park, which is indoor. It's fun for the kids but for us parents as well. Great way to burn our remaining energy.
I personally have my second childhood with them. It's fun to climb on top with them and be there as a safety net.

The outdoor photos were taken with Miss Shiela our therapist friend. We had just the most perfect little outing that Friday morning. That was my Mother's day gift.
This is actually the same park where Natasha took their 2nd Birthday pics.

Some of the swing pictures were taken next door. We have lovely neighbors who have a climbing swing set what we can use. They have school age kids and our children just love spending time with them. They became one of my most faithful baby sitters.

Visit with Daddy

How is life with a firefighter Daddy? Cool through five toddlers eyes. It's so funny they think everything is firetruck and whenever Apa (David) is gone he must be at the fire station.
Our neighbor's garage caught on fire and David intervened. The kids were all lined up by the front door and watched many firetrucks coming by with lots of firemen.
They talked about it for a long time and completely felt that this situation was scary. I so enjoy watching them how all the "puzzle pieces" of this life start making sense to them through life's many experiences. It's fascinating to me how a child's mind is developing and blossiming like a blooming flower.

It's so fun to see the kids and David bonding after they don't see each other for a whole day sometimes even longer if life is busy.
They loved visiting dad at work and run around in the bay among the firetrucks. They loved on the firemen's doggy and loved sitting with dad high on the engine.
Enjoy the photos!


Hi Everyone,
Before we would get further into the summer here are some precious moments from May in the forms of several slide shows.
We like to share lots of photos this way because you can have a visual "picture" what kept us busy in many fun ways.

Have a great rest of June!