Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our sweetheart

Matthew the patient number five. He was already a patient gentleman at birth as he let Lili come to the world first.
Matthew (means the gift of God) but if you ask him he will say Mate Daniel. His Hungarian blows me away every day.
I have never thought I can be so close to a child like to Mate. When I simply think of him, he hits a special chord in my heart, a new tune, a beautiful melody. He is the most gentle, patient, loving, kind and hard working little fellow I have ever met. If I complain about life he always reminds me to be content. Mate has such a special way to reach people's heart with his sweet spirit and funny humor. My favorite moments are with him watching and hearing him pray. He seriously folds his hands, bows his head and says his little prayer before we eat. absolutely love taking him to ride the horse. He sings the whole time. So watch out even if you can't sing, Mate will make you sing. As Debbie says Mate is a beautiful trophy of God's grace. He reminds me that we serve a big, soverign GOD, who makes the best decisions about us and for us.

Lili who could not wait...

Lili who was numbered 5 but could not wait and came out 4th.

She is full of excitement.Lili is fun, spunky and almost always on clowd 9 and gets into trouble. We are constantly working on obedience with her. It is hard to discipline her because she is trying to get out of the consequences with her smile. She is our little sunshine or rather "funshine". We can't help but smile when she is around. She has been recently asking people whether they speak or understand "Hungrian"?

Number three

Our middle child or little mommy: Hanna
Boy, she put on some weight, didn't she. She cracks us up with things she says to mommy the others. Hanna is so sophisticated, serious young lady. Whose ballon did not pop during going through the staw maze? Out of 5 only Hanna's did not. We love her sweet intellectuel. She quizes brother Tomi with the memory verse from Sunday school and compliments him after a successful answer. She is usually the first one to bring you a book and you simply can't say no to her no matter how tired you are.

Thomas David

Big Brother: Tomi

He is starting pre-school tomorrow! He still has that charming and mischivous smile. When Tomi is around we can only laugh about the things he can come up with. Here is a Tomi thing for you: when the straw cup is not working it must be Tomi who stuffed a lima bean down just to test it. Or I can only think of Tomi when I find the missing screws who knows from where but in my socks getting ready to leave :O) I hope he stays like that. Such a joy!

Baby A rules

Our First born: Annabelle

What an incredible difference, isn't it.
Way to measure three years like this.
Yes, nurses she is still "spirited" or as her OT used to say "passionate child".

How can NICU nurses give you such a close description of the child's personality so early on? She is very opinionated, assertive, yet compassionate and loving. There is a tough firefighter and a snuggle bear inside her.

Happy Birthday!

October 19th is carved in our hearts and minds. This day will never be the same as 3 years ago or even before.
On this day in 2007 my precious friend Robin laid this verse on my heart as we received the sudden news it's time to take the babies out. I was not ready at all.

"He will have no fear of bad news;
his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.
His heart is secure, he will have no fear;"- Psalm 112:7-8a

I wish I would be more like this every day. This is the kind of verse, which I still need to be remided of, when life gets hard.

Today our pumpkins turned THREE! I think there is something very special about celebrating your children's birthday. It is sort of mine yet so much better. Today brought up so many memories in me.
How fragile life is (like our Annabelle's "five buttersticks birth weight") yet what an amazing Creator we have who knows his plans with each created life.

I am so thankful for every single breath and healthy heartbeat, stomping feet all over the house that I often have to chase, fingerprints all over on the windows that I should clean more often, noisy mischiveous giggle from hidden corners because that all means they are alive!

It is such a joy and priviledge that we can be home with them a lot and see them grow up.
I am super excited about the threes because the twos already laid a great groundwork of discipline and now they are understanding more and more as we are trying to reason.

I wish I can thank you everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. It's countless serving hearts and hands. Doctors, nurses, professionals, Friends and family etc.

I could not help blogging today because it's such a special day in our life and our hearts are overflowing with joy.
Praise God for getting us this far!