Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our sweetheart

Matthew the patient number five. He was already a patient gentleman at birth as he let Lili come to the world first.
Matthew (means the gift of God) but if you ask him he will say Mate Daniel. His Hungarian blows me away every day.
I have never thought I can be so close to a child like to Mate. When I simply think of him, he hits a special chord in my heart, a new tune, a beautiful melody. He is the most gentle, patient, loving, kind and hard working little fellow I have ever met. If I complain about life he always reminds me to be content. Mate has such a special way to reach people's heart with his sweet spirit and funny humor. My favorite moments are with him watching and hearing him pray. He seriously folds his hands, bows his head and says his little prayer before we eat. absolutely love taking him to ride the horse. He sings the whole time. So watch out even if you can't sing, Mate will make you sing. As Debbie says Mate is a beautiful trophy of God's grace. He reminds me that we serve a big, soverign GOD, who makes the best decisions about us and for us.

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