Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Jersey trip

On Sunday after Thanksgiving Dave, Manna, Hanna and Matthew got on the road heading to New Jersey where Mate had an orthopedic surgery on Tuesday the 27th. We had the best trip and we are all excited to see how successful it was after the walking cast comes off after 4 weeks. (Dec 27th). It should help him to lower his heels and be more flat when he walks. Hopefully this means less stretching and realistically more strengthening, which we don't mind.
We stayed at the Ronald McDonald's House in New Brunswick, which was an amazing blessing. So many sweet moms to relate and pray with. It really brought back the old premie days.
On Monday after meeting the surgeon we were able to have a wonderful visit with our Hungarian friend Tunde and her little boy Christopher. Oh, the kids played so well and it was really so much fun to spend time with them in Hoboken.
Tue we had the surgery and in the evening Tunde's husband Tivadar, who is a really good friend of Manna's family came to have dinner with us.
On Wed one last doctor's visit and Thursday morning we were already on our way back to Indy.
We are so thankful for an incredible surgeon like Dr. Nuzzo, who helps so many kids and we found out that 80% of his patients come from all over the world outside of the States. It is truely unique what he is doing with such excellence.
Hanna was such a sweet addition to our team and she was a great helper and so much comfort for little brother. They did so well in the car (13hrs!). Time really flew by quickly.
So glad we did it.
Enjoy the slides