Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visit with the active adults

The quints grandma works with the elderly. She is in charge of fun events and activites for the local elderly club.

These retired folks keep up with what's happening with us so we could not miss out on making a trip down there to see them.
They loved on the kids. You can see it in the pictures huged them, crawled after them, spoiled them with chocolate filled goodies (before lunch). Just look at their smiles. They wrapped each other around each other's fingers if it makes sense :)
It was so precious to see all these old people who are young at heart forgetting about their pain and problems. They were just playing with them. If we would not know the number of their years we would think they are only children who love receiving love and attention.
I love to see generations bonding. It's one of the neatest things in today's world.

P.S. The club is getting ready to celebrate a lady member who will be 100 years old this fall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our second weekend: Cegled

These photos were taken in Cegled. 60 minuates East of Budapest. This a small town where the kids' greand grandparents, aunts+ uncles live.

As you can see the weather was such a blessing element of our trip the WHOLE time!
Our boys and girls enjoyed hanging out in their great grandparents' garden only in their diapers.
Well, after they started to dig in the dirt we undress them to lessen the amount of laundry :)

They enjoyed playing at the well and with the dog. Great grandma's garden is like a jungle for them. Fig trees, pine trees, grapes, berries and lots of flowers and bushes.
Their house was filled with laughter and joy.
Of course after playing outside they had better appetite so the grandmas could stuff them with lots of goodies.
One afternoon we saw a wedding as we were walking and another evening we took them to a beautiful playground.
It was a lot of fun to see them bonding with great grandpa who is miraculously doing so well. This was our prayer and dream since March for him to be able to enjoy them during our summer visit. The Lord graciously granted this for us. It was fun to hear him sharing the same nursery rhymes that we heard from him growing up.
There are about 91 years between them and great grandpa.
We will cherish these memories as long as we live.
On lonesome days I often think about these precious sunny moments with our loved ones overseas.

Some more photos

Here are some extra photos from Gyor that are fun!
Uncle Zoli is teaching Annabelle how to do boxing.
Tomi is discoring the ancient ruins by the Cathedral.
Auntie Agi is loving on Lili.

Terrific Trip To Hungary

This post tells you a little bit about our trip.

It comments on the following slideshows so that you would understand what we did or where we were in Hungary.
The first set of pictures shows our first week in Manna's home town, which is Gyor, in the North West corner of Hungary. It is the city of rivers and it is located half way between Budapest and Vienna.
Our journey: We arrived at Budapest on July 30th after more than 20 hours of flying. They had to change our itinerary due to storms in New York. So we flew down to Atlanta and from there to Paris. Then our final destination was Budapest. The kids did amazing. It was great to have 7 adults (including us parents).
At the airport the quints' whole Hungarian family was waiting for us: grandparents, aunts, uncles and great grandma. It was a lovely surprise. We had a "picnic" at the car in the parking lot of the airport. Then everybody headed to their hosts families.
What did we do in Gyor? As you can see in the pictures, we were outside a lot. There is a lovely kid friendly park 5 minutes with strollers from our apartment. Our children loved gathering stuff from the ground, exploring, running without limits, digging, swinging, sliding and playing in the sand box. We met many cute doggies as well. They could even pat the friendly ones so we made lots of friends. We always had enough friends and family to help run after them.
One day we strolled them to downtown. We rode the public bus home. We all loved it thoroughly.
Since everything is so close and just "strolling distance" we went to see the trains while we were waiting for Miss Kate to arrive from Budapest.

For the first weekend the kids' great grandma came to visit us. She loved on them and they enjoyed her as she was spoiling them.