Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Thumb!

Stand the blocks up!

Sunday-our fellowship day

Sunday and Monday: Super days. Sunday was a day of rest however we were very active in church (morning and evening service both). During the morning service Mate lost his balance in the pews so we ended up in the quiet room until I was able to comfort him. One more bump, no big deal. We participated in a pot luck lunch with the congregation. It was such a great fellowship with lots of good food. Nothing can compare to Sunday naps. The evening service was a singing worship service. Monday back to work. Ashley our OT saw many improvement after 4 days of everyday use. It is so encouraging. Today he had his cast removed for a bath. He followed instructions and worked so beautiful today. In the evening had some gross motor time (so glad to squeeze that in whenever I can) then we were watching the Olympics and had dinner with our hosts.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Depth perception

Loved the colored vials

Grab the chain leftie

Visit in the McWane Science Center

Today we had the chance to visit the local science center (McWane Center). It is really similar to our Children's Museum in Indpls. It was so neat to see how he was using all the skills we are working on all week long. We watched an IMAX movie about the Last Coral Reef. It was fascinating. Enjoy the photos and check out the newest videos.

Bubble land/ McWane Center

Field trips in Birmingham/ 2nd weekend

Days off

Last week we had therapy 6 days in a row to make up for this week since our OT had to be out of town. So this Thursday and Friday we had off. My homework was to fade back and let him figure out different situations, let him learn through mistakes and let me tell you frustration as well. She said it will prepare us for going home. We had field trips. On Thu we went to the Botanical Garden. It was so beautiful and towards the end he kept sitting down more and more often saying "I am tired". We marvelled God's beautiful creative creation. He really did so good on uneven ground, up and down the slopes and going through rough roots. On Fri we had a playdate in Chuch E. Cheeses or as he calls it "Cholate Cheese". You are talking about motivation to use the left hand. It was beautiful to see. Oh, it's so nice to relax a little and see Birmingham. Today we are going to the Science Center where UAB has free passes for us

Hungarian song

Hallo this is Tomi?

Our first Chuck E. Cheese experience

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


For those of you who don't know it after a year of praying and dreaming about an intense OT program for Mate our dream came true. From July 14th we are in Birmingham Alabama and he receives 6 hours of therapy Monday through Friday. The other four children are home with Dave and Manna's parents are coming to help out for 2 weeks in the next few days. We arrived July 14th and starting our 9th day of treatment on Wednesday. It has been incredible to watch Matthew working so hard every day 6 hours. He is making a lot of progress every day. We are showered in our wonderful host family's love and warm hospitality every day. We could not requested a better home like theirs. The occupational therapist who works with Matthew is a dynamic and really hard core young lady (Ashley). Again, wonderful personality match for Matthew. She pushes so hard, is very firm with him and makes sure he uses his left side without cheating. We are able to go to church three time a week since our host dad is an associate pastor of the church. Almost the whole church knows Matthew now and he stands out with his freshly picked pink cast now. (Next week he hopefully picks orange).There is not a day when we would not think of you. It is really a dream to be here and do this program with him. Thank you so much for your love and support. Manna and Mate