Saturday, July 28, 2012

Days off

Last week we had therapy 6 days in a row to make up for this week since our OT had to be out of town. So this Thursday and Friday we had off. My homework was to fade back and let him figure out different situations, let him learn through mistakes and let me tell you frustration as well. She said it will prepare us for going home. We had field trips. On Thu we went to the Botanical Garden. It was so beautiful and towards the end he kept sitting down more and more often saying "I am tired". We marvelled God's beautiful creative creation. He really did so good on uneven ground, up and down the slopes and going through rough roots. On Fri we had a playdate in Chuch E. Cheeses or as he calls it "Cholate Cheese". You are talking about motivation to use the left hand. It was beautiful to see. Oh, it's so nice to relax a little and see Birmingham. Today we are going to the Science Center where UAB has free passes for us

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