Monday, September 5, 2011


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July 4th Memories

July 4th as always was a lot of fun this year especially because we had Virginia with us. It was great to introduce her to our friends and take her with us to different cookouts. We enjoyed our friends' Bob and Jayna's hospitality. (They traveled with us to Hungary the first time in 08). We played outside, the kids got scared of Star Wars movie (they are not used to watching movies like that) and we stayed until dusk. On the day of we visited the Kempsons. I have to say that day was one of the highlights of our summer. Just because their beautiful family, warm hospitality, swimming in the lake with our kids and getting in a boat with them was an amazing experience.
We will cherish these memories and looking forward to having some more beautiful celebrations like that with them in the future.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Loooong time no posting...

Hello Everyone,

Yes, we are still alive, in case some of you would be wondering.
Unfortunately the photo sites we used closed down so we will have to restore the slideshows from the past. I stated to upload the best photos of the summer. So very soon we will share some more.
We had a FANTASTIC SUMMER. We received a beautiful GIFT directly from Hungary. Manna's brother's girlfriend Virginia was able to come and spend the whole, I mean the whole summer with us.
Can you imagine for 2 months we had somebody living with us and helping. Boy, our life was so different. I almost felt like a regular mom, who was able to take her kids to fun places thanks to Virginia.
She is one of the most beautiful servant I have ever met, a true reflection of Christ.
The funny thing is I only met her at the Indy airport the very first time.
Our whole family fell in love with her and it was hard to let her go (August 28th).
Whipped cream on the cake was that my parents were able to join us for 2 weeks too. So we had so much fun.
We will share some more and also the most recent photos too.

Manna and family