Friday, November 26, 2010

At the playground- the ultimate favorite

Since this summer was nice, hot at dry we had plenty of opportunities to try different playgrounds or just go back to our favorites.
Here are some sweet moments.

Labor day

September 6th Labor day. Since David had to work I wanted to do something fun with the kiddos. With the help of Cliff and Debbie we took them for a fun little walk and play to a park.
We walked about a couple miles loop but in the end we crossed through the soccer field.

The kids had their snack in the goal.

Here are a few pics from that day.

One, two, three say cheese- Family portraits

These beautiful pictures were taken by Grandma's friend Judy. She has an amazing garden where she invited all of us for some family photos.
It was not only a lot of work but we enjoyed our time in that wonderful enviroment.

Thank you Judy for your awesome patient, creative ideas and lovely talents!

Summer at home

Popsicles on hot summer days, helping mommy with piles of dishes, cooking and baking together, helping daddy to cut the grass and "fire fither fever"...
These all describe our days in the summer when we were just hanging out at home.
They love to help. I literally have to keep them away from the sink and they want to do dishes even when are not dishes to wash.

Lili loves getting her hands all floury and help making different doughs.
Here is the new slideshow.

Apple Picking

On a beautiful summer weekend Cliff and Debbie had a great idea: Let's go and take the kids to the apple orchard and pick some apples.
It was a lovely morning. We all loved gathering the beautiful red apples into the bags.
Lili desperately wanted to taste every single one to test them. She ended up in our "time out stroller" towards the end she understood that she is not supposed to bite in them because we are taking them home.
The other four were awesome help. Tomi became a professional "wurm checker" .
We all loved our tractor ride and the cool apple slash in the end of our field trip.

Dave made lots of yammy apple sauce and I prepared a bunch of apple pies for the rest of year.
What a great family outing!

Enjoy the photos!

Catching up with summer slides

After their Birthday (October) we are going to jump back in time.
I was organizing our summer photos and it's so refreshing to see green again in the summer photos as almost all the leaves are on the ground now.

Here they come...