Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Due date!

January 12th is a special day for us. It was our original due date. Wow, I can not imagine how big I would have been with them by then...
They are 12 months developmentally. They are nicely catching up with their peers. This last couple weeks Lili mastered her walking as well while we are diligently coaching Matthew, who is getting around really nicely. It's a joy to see him getting into stuff now. He loves his new red rubber donkey "Roddy". He loves bouncing on him.
Both Mate and Hanna have their first mauler while the others are still dealing with the swollen, itchy gums. At night though they sleep really well.

From this week we started them on some dairy. After 14 months of supplying breast milk the Milk bank stopped providing since our children are 1 year corrected age now.
We still have some reserved pasteurized milk and Manna is still pumping+ nursing them :)

So far they have not been sick. Huge praise!

Annabelle (16 lbs-9oz) is still very sensitive when she sees people she is not used to being around. Separation anxiety. I am sure many moms can relate. She is so much fun to be around. She is still very dainty and extremly playful.
It's fun to see how different they are when we take them out (very sometimes)
Lili (17lbs-12oz) is usually the cream of the party. She goes up to anyone.
Hanna (17lbs-9oz)needs to take everything in first then she loves venturing out. If she doesn't like something or not ready for something she tells us right away.
Tomi (19lbs-1oz)is still very charming and so full of joy. When he wants something nothing can stop him. (maybe our fenced family room).
Mate (19lbs-4oz)is so sweet as he can be. He is a flirt. Taking thin liquid is still an issue but we work with him on that very patiently 3 times a day. He has the best therapists! Not only him enjoy their sessions but we do too.
Explanation for the pics:
1)Our messy big boy is Máté (he had some prunes)
2)Our adventuresome buddy is Tomi who used the therapy ducky to look out what's going on...
3)Hanna needed a place to rest. The box with socks came handy for a little siesta.
4)"Papa Cliff" as the judge of the "skirt contest". Their tights won :) They are from their Hungarian great grandparents

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Who can guess what country's outfits do they wear in the picture?

Here is a hint. These adorable outfits with fuzzy sleeves and little metal bells are from our friends who are in the missionfield until this summer. We thought we will welcome the New Year dressed up some kind of special way.

To help you guess we post this family's photo also in local costumes and their blogsite as well. They are our dear friends the Miyakawas.
If you have the chance visit their website. There are some really cool photos and videos on it.
Tom, Robin, Kristen, Evan and Kendall we can't wait to see you this summer! We love you guys and thanks for the outfits.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some thoughts from home

After our visit with our Hungarian folks the quints' grandpa (Misi papa) and their great grandpa shared the following thoughts with us.
They are too precious to be only kept in a journal book. Here they are:

Grandpa's thoughts (by the way he will be visiting us this spring:) We are counting down the days!

Our two weeks together in September were short but on the other hand it had a lasting effect because I can still remember very vividly how I fed them, comforted them, held them in my arms, traveled with them, they were pinching and trampling me. When I got into their little fenced playground I heard them laugh, cry, I saw them standing up, crawling, fighting and working together.
Since I met your big family I appreciate all the perseverance, strength, gentleness and professional care you do with your little ones even more.
Two weeks are more than 14 days because you are still “here” with us. These two weeks showed how wonderful it is to meet in person. So I will try even harder that it will happen again. I am patient because waiting is also a great thing if I know that we will have wonderful memories when I will get to visit you.
Another thing, which touched me, was to see how many people love you.
Quotation from Great grandpa's letter

(He is 92 years old and sharp as a tack:)
On September 12th 2008 we were blessed with some unforgettable days. Our great grandchildren came to visit us. Praise the Lord our Almighty God that we are still alive to experience all of this. We were personally able to hug them, kiss them and cherish these sweet little angels. Hanna and Annabelle are always on the go and they are curious about everything. Lili is a bubbly little girl, always cheerful and full of smiles. Thomas is like a little soldier who is always ready to fight to get some toys. Mate is calm and always has a smile for whoever is with him. Everybody is smiley they don’t cry and have no fear when they are surrounded with strangers. These were wonderful days. Now all the beautiful and unforgettable memories stay with us in our hearts. They brought so much happiness in our life. However everything comes to an end. We had to say goodbye to our great grandchildren because it was time for them to fly home. Physically a huge ocean separates us but under the same blue sky we are always there with you in Spirit. We are collecting and looking at photos of our darling great grandchildren and we cherish them as we remember…
Dear Marianna and David! As long as it’s possible and we can let us love and embrace each other together with our great grandbabies.
Our darlings! You are the continuation of our lives! One day I will be standing among you. I will be standing there and saying while I am pointing at them “Look at them Lord! They are the milestones of my life’s journey. This was my journey, which led to you. Please forgive me. They continue to live and love after me.

„Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”- Psalm 37:4

Quint friends

What a beautiful family!
How many babies do you see in the picture?

These are our friends. Paula and Jamson. Their quints are 6 months younger than ours.
They have also three girls: Addison, Ariel, Gabriella and two boys: Micah and Brayden.

It was fun to first find out about them and walk along side with Paula during her pregnancy.

We visited their babies while they were in the NICU and this fall we visited them at home.
We don't have any pictures about all ten of them yet but I am sure we will have those pictures as the kiddos get together to play.