Saturday, June 30, 2012

Horse pics

We don't drink but ride Mocha

Right before this hot summer hit we were able to visit our friends Joe and Kathy. They have horses and it's kind of a tradition now to visit them and ride Mocha. Our kids love horses and the previous horse therapies were not just fun but very helpful in their development to close some gaps and build new skills. Anyways, I love seeing them snuggle up and holding tight to each other in various combination on the horse. Thanks Joe and Kathy. We love you Mocha! Tip if you click on the slides it will take you to the photo site and will see the photos in larger format.

Field trip slides

Trip to camp Belzer

Towards the end of May four of the quints and Mommy Manna Manley had the chance to go on a field trip with the preschoolers to camp Belzer. Tomi had a fun date with Papa Cliff and Debbie. He had their attention all to himself :) We were picked up by the school bus. I just love riding it whenever we have the chance because I did not grow up with it. We walk to school in Hungary,bike or take public transportation for the most part. Camp Belzer is huge and they have all kinds of fun stations for the kids to get messy, satisfy their sensory needs and just enjoy spending some playtime outside. Our favorite stations were the music stations where they could try different instruments and at another one dance cha cha cha... Having a firefighter Daddy/Husband we all loved the "smoking house" where a firefighter lady taught us about fire safety in a breath taking way. In the end we were all "rescued" from the "smoke" through a strong and courageous fireman. We enjoyed having lunch with our peers and riding home with the bus. Enjoy the slides. Thank you Teachers and Assistants for such an amazing time during field trip.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother's day in slides

Mother's day at Molly

The week of Mother's day the kids brought home so many precious, handmade, heartfelt gifts. Marygolds, sweet cards with photos and songs. They were almost more anxious than me to open the surprise bags and show what they made. I was pretty excited too :) Friday topped our excitment before the weekend. The school had a "Muffins with Mom" event where we all went. I made special muffins they can eat. We had such a beutiful time. David and Brother Tim put up a garden while we were enjoying our social event. On Mother's day Dave had to work, so we the kids and I went to church, which is always the best start of our Sunday. They love it in Sunday school (8 am!), learn so much and it really makes a difference in our walk with the Lord when we can all go to worship Jesus together as a family. After church we fixed our special lunch, pumpkin pie, picked lavenders for Grandma and finished her card. The Manleys got together at Aunt Molly's place. What a neat and sweet home. Thanks for hosting us! Again, the weather was perfect and we hung out outside. We missed Dave but we are used to having him only on the phone due to his schedule sometimes. Enjoy the photos!


Mother's day

If I can ask something for Mother's day it's time with my family or a special outing. That's all I need quality time and memories with them. Right before Mother's day we got to visit the zoo. The weather was perfect and it was not crowded. Our sweet Friend Caroline came with us too. We had such a blast. The hightlight our the outing was the dolphine show and the zoo train ride. We finished in the While River Garden, which was breathtaking. The Zoo pass was a Birthday gift from Aunt Lisa and her family. Finally the weather is nice and we can enjoy it. Thank you, what a thoughtful gift. I was the happiest Mom in the end of the day :) Thanks Caroline for being such an amazing companion!

Grandpa's Birthday

Grandpa Manley's Birthday

Happy belated Birthday Manley Papa! It was so much fun having him over for dinner and the kids were literally buzzing around him like little bees. He sure had all the attention. Love you Grandpa and thanks for the special time with us!

Saturday spring hike at Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek

One of our favorite things to do is pack our backpacks and go out in the nature. We love going to Eagle Creek Park and walk on their "fitness trail". Our friends and neighbors Chris, Tonya and their kids are always a great company. After so much walking in Hungary, it was amazing to see Mate to be able to keep up with us so well. It was a beautiful, refreshing Saturday morning and we finished our hike at the playground with our lunch.

Easter photos


Easter was so much fun this year. We did the resurrection eggs this year too. So each day we opened an egg and read a story about Jesus leading up to Easter. In the end they were able to tell the story and the memorized verses. It was so heartwarming. Easter Sunday was the first time this year when we finally were able to go to church together as a family. Grandma Manley and a friend also came with us. Then we had salad together. In the evening we had an egghunt where we hung out with international students including ours (Adil), who is from Marocco. The kids had a blast and Dave+I were able to go to a beautiful spring walk. Enjoy the pics