Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother's day at Molly

The week of Mother's day the kids brought home so many precious, handmade, heartfelt gifts. Marygolds, sweet cards with photos and songs. They were almost more anxious than me to open the surprise bags and show what they made. I was pretty excited too :) Friday topped our excitment before the weekend. The school had a "Muffins with Mom" event where we all went. I made special muffins they can eat. We had such a beutiful time. David and Brother Tim put up a garden while we were enjoying our social event. On Mother's day Dave had to work, so we the kids and I went to church, which is always the best start of our Sunday. They love it in Sunday school (8 am!), learn so much and it really makes a difference in our walk with the Lord when we can all go to worship Jesus together as a family. After church we fixed our special lunch, pumpkin pie, picked lavenders for Grandma and finished her card. The Manleys got together at Aunt Molly's place. What a neat and sweet home. Thanks for hosting us! Again, the weather was perfect and we hung out outside. We missed Dave but we are used to having him only on the phone due to his schedule sometimes. Enjoy the photos!

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