Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trip to camp Belzer

Towards the end of May four of the quints and Mommy Manna Manley had the chance to go on a field trip with the preschoolers to camp Belzer. Tomi had a fun date with Papa Cliff and Debbie. He had their attention all to himself :) We were picked up by the school bus. I just love riding it whenever we have the chance because I did not grow up with it. We walk to school in Hungary,bike or take public transportation for the most part. Camp Belzer is huge and they have all kinds of fun stations for the kids to get messy, satisfy their sensory needs and just enjoy spending some playtime outside. Our favorite stations were the music stations where they could try different instruments and at another one dance cha cha cha... Having a firefighter Daddy/Husband we all loved the "smoking house" where a firefighter lady taught us about fire safety in a breath taking way. In the end we were all "rescued" from the "smoke" through a strong and courageous fireman. We enjoyed having lunch with our peers and riding home with the bus. Enjoy the slides. Thank you Teachers and Assistants for such an amazing time during field trip.

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