Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our second weekend: Cegled

These photos were taken in Cegled. 60 minuates East of Budapest. This a small town where the kids' greand grandparents, aunts+ uncles live.

As you can see the weather was such a blessing element of our trip the WHOLE time!
Our boys and girls enjoyed hanging out in their great grandparents' garden only in their diapers.
Well, after they started to dig in the dirt we undress them to lessen the amount of laundry :)

They enjoyed playing at the well and with the dog. Great grandma's garden is like a jungle for them. Fig trees, pine trees, grapes, berries and lots of flowers and bushes.
Their house was filled with laughter and joy.
Of course after playing outside they had better appetite so the grandmas could stuff them with lots of goodies.
One afternoon we saw a wedding as we were walking and another evening we took them to a beautiful playground.
It was a lot of fun to see them bonding with great grandpa who is miraculously doing so well. This was our prayer and dream since March for him to be able to enjoy them during our summer visit. The Lord graciously granted this for us. It was fun to hear him sharing the same nursery rhymes that we heard from him growing up.
There are about 91 years between them and great grandpa.
We will cherish these memories as long as we live.
On lonesome days I often think about these precious sunny moments with our loved ones overseas.

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