Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back to October the Birthday party

Today they are 13 months. I still need to update you about last month.

October is our month that's when we celebrate our wedding anniversary and 12 days after that our children's birthday.

Thanks to Dave's family and a great group of faithful friends who love our children we had a really great party. Special thanks to our organizing team. We couldn't have done this without you!

The party was held in the Ministry Center of College Park.
Approx. 90 guests came to celebrate our Quints' birthday.
We had some games such as bowling with baby bottles, chocolate guessing competition from diapers, baby food guessing station and puzzle.
David and I tested our family and the volunteers with a quiz on the babies. We were able to share what the first year meant for us.
Before we cut the cake Pastor Dan who is also one of our volunteers shared this thoughts.
After the cake there was an opportunity for anyone to share what this whole quintuplet experience meant for them.
And of course opening the gift. They got a beautiful indoor play house from many loving friends.
In the end we were all wiped out but filled with lots of great memories and tremendous joy!


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