Monday, June 1, 2009

19 months

I try to keep this blog up to date but time goes so fast that I can hardly keep up with certain milestones.

On May 19th the Quints turned 19 months and their uncle Zoli celebrated his 21st birthday.
This spring has been a fun one. They are like blooming flowers. One of the most amazing things to me is a child’s development. It’s fascinating how their brain develops and they take everything in like sponges.
Since Manna got home from Hungary (after 3 weeks) Annabelle calmed down a lot. We definitely have less people in and out of our home. Praise God for our remaining faithful core though!

Annabelle matured a lot and her separation anxiety is fading away. She graduated from First Steps. Last week she found a stuffed bear to comfort her (it’s mommy’s teddy bear Jeffy). It was crucial for her but before she didn’t accept any sort of blankets, stuffed animals, babies etc. She is the little tike but still extremely tough. She beats Tomi hands down. Biting is an issue with our girls. One day Annabelle’s nose was bit by Hanna, it left a small mark that bled for a few minutes.
Reading is a great way to bond with her. Her understanding and quick responses are pretty amazing.

Tomi is probably the most curios and driven among them. His molars gave him a very hard time. Right now he is working on 4 at the same time. Tomi is either really up or down. He loves eating. He literally leans out of his seat to get the first bite. He doesn’t like tomato and pasta!
On a Saturday we had guests from Hungary (Gabor+Angi) we decided that we will give them a bath. Our excited Tomi could not wait for his bath and he literally dove into the fresh foamy bath water with his diaper on. No big deal mommy took his diaper off , well, he had a surprise for us J. That’s our Tomi. His favorite thing is probably climbing. Of course he was the first one who mastered climbing on to the couch.

Hanna is still our calm one. She has changed a lot while I was gone in my homeland. I noticed she got a lot more affectionate. She comes to us more and nestles in our lap. She is so fine with everything she does (except for biting). She is probably the biggest book lover in our family. One of her relaxing activities is when she makes herself comfortable in a baby cradle swing and snuggles with her crouched afghan rainbow blanket while she is studying books. You can not help smiling at her. She became a lot more vocal and outgoing. She still has her adorable dimples which are showing when she smiles with her beautiful almond shape brown eyes. We discovered that she has natural curls in her hair. Her best friend is Lili they don’t seem to have any major arguments or fights. Their cribs are only a reach away from each other. I often find that they exchange their endearing items. She enjoys climbing as well and finally she learned how to come down the slide.
Lili finally enjoys being home and being one of five again. She secretly admitted to me that she missed her four siblings and all in all didn’t really like being an only child. However she had the best one on one time with mommy for three weeks. She is probably the most vocal. She picks up on words, sounds them out very quickly. Her favorite animal is the dog. It’s pretty clear they all understand in both languages. They say certain things in Hungarian other things in English. Lili says “all done” every time she thinks her cup is empty even if her straw doesn’t reach far enough and the cup is still full.
They all call David “apa”, which stands for daddy. At the table they all ask for “még”, which means more, usually food. They all love “baba”, which is baby.
On April 23rd we started them on a new schedule. We call it “big boy and big girl schedule”. They are down for one nap in the afternoon. With this new schedule they pretty much have weaned themselves off of the bottle and they are doing an excellent job with their straw cups (thanks to Miss Barb- our OT and friend.)

At last but not least our other son Matthew. I bet he listens to Máté more than anything else. It amazes Dave and I how incredibly patient he is. He is probably the easiest going among them. No wonder he was #5. “He has a beautifully slow smile, which lights up the whole room” says Miss Barb our amazing OT. Máté perseveres with his OT, PT and speech therapy. He became also quite the eater. He doesn’t care much for fruits except for prunes. He would do anything for you for a bite of prunes. Máté’s favorite thing is pulling up on things around him. He loves all sorts of balls. He has a musical toy which he spins and plays nursery rhymes or the alphabet song. We are just surprised that the battery still holds up in that. It’s going nonstop whenever Máté is around. When we have to get a hold of him we just make sure that he hears the “magic ball” and he shows up. He still loves to cuddle which is nice because Tomi is always on the go and way too busy. Máté is also but he makes sure that he shows his love with hugs and kisses (rather licks).
The last day of May we took them to church in the nursery. It was very exciting for our family that we were able to go to church together. While mom and dad were in the service the Quints played with other “College Park kiddos”, patted the Bible, sang songs, had snacks and had a very nice time. Thanks to Cliff and Debbie everything went so smoothly.

Thank you for your time and interest in our family’s life. We consider raising them such a privilege and noble calling from the Lord. We are glad that you can follow their most important and fun moments in the help of our family blog.


wifey said...

The quints are so big and beautiful, Manna! Thanks for posting their pics to the blog. Its great to keep updated.--Aimeé

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