Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally with spring updates

Dear Family and Friends,
I looked at the last post and I am so sorry that we have not updated our blog for soooooo long.
Once spring hit we started to be so busy in a good sense.
Kids sales, Spring break and our calandar keeps filling up... which is a great thing because it means we can get out more with the kiddos.

So what have we done since February?
Mid March we pulled out all the outgrown baby clothing, organized lots of bins, tagged and contacted lots of friends for hangers :) Many many nights of preparing for the South Side Multiple Sale. We recommend it to everyone Their next sale will be September 18th at Greenwood High School.

Then we went on Spring break to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Yes, with all the kids. David's whole family went too.
On our way down there we stopped in Montgomery, Alabama. We had dinner and stayed overnight at our friends' house. This was such a hightlight of our trip. Larry, Sara and Amanda, thanks for hosting us!

As far as Florida it was definitely an interesting experience. The weather was not too cooperative in fact it was too windy to enjoy the beach. We still made the most of it.
You can enjoy beautiful photos in the slideshow. These were taken on the sunniest and warmest day of our vacation.
The kids did really awesome during the whole trip (13hrs). We sang, had lots of snacks, watched soothing kid dvds. It was a novalty so surely kept them quiet and busy.
It was good to get out as a family and try out how much we can all handle but it was definitely not the most relaxing vacations we have done.

Then April hit and we were blessed with many beautiful sunny spring days. Easter was a lot of fun.
We were invited to Tom and Robin's house along with another family with five older kids. We did Egghunt (see photos in the slideshow). The quints were quite familiar with the game since we were practising the whole week indoor. It was much more fun outside though.
We had a lovely meal, the kids went down to the basement with the older friends so that us parents can have some "adult time". Oh, there is so much to learn about godly parenthood, disciplining. We are very blessed to have many wise parent friends who have already been through the "terrible twos" which are not that terrible as they sound or people warn you about.

Right around Easter we learned about some missionary families coming to visit from Hungary. It was quite fun to meet them and get some updates on how the Lord is working in such a beautiful and creative way in Hungary.
Andris, Anouska and their daughter Kira are missionaries with Word of Life Hungary. is the very camp where David and I met in 2005. The Lord started an incredible ministry through Andris (Hentes) amongst children. His mission is to reach children aged 3-12 with the Gospel, using puppets, magic tricks, balloon modleing, face painting and chalk board talks.
When they came to our home we had the priviledge to enjoy what the ministry is all about as Hentes demonstrated many of these things on our kiddos.

After Easter there was another spring sale we participated in. (The North Side Twin Club's) Here we had our own booth. It was also a lot of work and we could have not done neither of these sales without many helping hands. You can imagine transportation of clothing racks, lining up babysitters etc. So BIG THANKS for all of you who helped out and made it possible.

The kids sure enjoy the new toys we got (it's fun to do more pre-k things with them)

Couple more days and it's my very favorite month: MAY.

Enjoy the photos!


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