Sunday, January 2, 2011

Riley Reunion and visit in the OT school

Back to fall events.
Our fall was so busy that I am only able to catch up now.
Early September we had the chance to go to the annual Riley NICU Reunion.
This year was really fun when they could try lots of things and we actually enjoyed it.
Only Tomi got lost in the crowd but was soon found.
It was so heart warming to see their nurses who cared so much for them. They were doing face painting on them, made braclets etc.

Through our OT we had the chance to take the kiddos down to IUPUI to the first class of OT students. We all had such a wonderful time. For some of the students this was the first encounter with toddlers whom they had to do different playful OT assignments with.

These were real fun outings!
Enjoy the slides

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