Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yeah!!!!! We made it overseas. We have been in Hungary over a month now.
The trip was just about what we could handle with Holly, my Friend.
The kids really did wonderful but waking them up after our plane landed and dragging them through London Heathrow to make our connection was challenging.
It was worth it.
Our loved ones including great grandma were so excited to see us after 2 1/2 yrs.
It was an amazing encounter!
How does it feel to be back? Super. It is just like being gone for only a month.
The kids adopted so quickly to the culture. It is so much fun to see them how different they are yet how well they blend in.
Enjoy the first round of pics.

Comments for the pics.

You can see Tomi and Lili knocked out due to a stomach bug. Virginia and Brother Zoli visiting and spending Manna's birthday together.
We visited a goat farm where we bring milk and cheese for the girls. Just imagine 100 baby goats. We had the chance to see Snowwhite in our local Puppet Theatre.
It was really winter with lots of snow. We kept active though and hung out at the park nearby.
Our most exciting and challenging part of the day is to catch the bus and making sure that all the kids are off the bus before the driver would close it on us. (it has happened to us before)You can see them lined up. They make lots of new friends on the bus. We love our playdates with the Horak family and their six kids. The beauty of it is that we have to take a short trainride to visit them.

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