Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visit in Cegléd

Shortly after we arrived we headed to visit Mama to Cegled. We had some cool and rainy days together. The kids had the chance to join the local church's VBS for a couple days, which engaged them during the day.
In the evenings we hung out with the rest of our family and received many visitors.
Thomas and Annabelle discovered the attic (became so incredibly dusty).
It was high cherry season so we had lots of tart cherries fresh from Grandma's garden. Hard to decide if picking or eating was the best part :)
Lots of snuggle, giggle, tickle and of course storytime. In the evenings we took some refreshing walks and hit some playgrounds to burn some more remaining energy.
Hanna loved riding Great granny's famous yellow bike. (antique).
Before we travelled further they enjoyed posing on a museum train at the local railway station.

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