Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fatherly Pride & Motherly Glow

Hanna and Manna

Eye contact...
Lili is already daddy's girl

" Our Daily bread"
Praise for the great supply!

You all know what I'm talking about. The broad smile on a new father's face as he talks about his daughter... and son.. and daughter, and son, and daughter! And the indescribable glow on a mother's face as she snuggles her baby. We were blessed with a chance to see all of this on Tuesday night. It's truly amazing how you go somewhere hoping and somewhat expecting to be a blessing, and leave realizing that you were the one blessed. So it was for us.

Dave gave us the tour of introductions to Matthew, then Hanna, then Lili. With each one, we sanitized our hands, though we weren't even touching them. You can't be too careful. Dave would say hello to the baby and encourage them to open their eyes, which was just too cute. He explained what all the different tubes were for each and shared in the huge praise that Matthew's improvement that day had been significant and miraculous. Then across the hall we went to see Annabelle, who opened her eyes and seemed to say hello.

Finally, we met Manna behind a cloth screen where she sat cuddling Thomas. I haven't seen so much joy on her face before. She peacefully sat and rocked Thomas as he was "kangarooed' warmly against her chest. She uncovered just his tiny foot so we could see it and "ooo" and "ahh". She shared the encouraging news that her milk supply is picking up -- another reason to sing praises to our Lord. He surely is the great Provider!

Until things slow down for Manna, (or if they never do!), I'll be doing the postings. Expect one or so every week. We're also working on a new link to a photo gallery of the family. It will be a more efficient way to display the many photos being taken. Thanks for your patience!


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