Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 4 weeks!!!

Thomas, Big Brother
Matthew, our special one

Lili, our hairy baby

Hanna, our pink lady
Annabelle, our fighter
Wow, it has already been a month since our Quint babies were born. It is amazing how much improvement they showed over the last couple weeks. Their breathing is fairly stable now. They are either on vaportherm or on the nasal cannula. At this moment Matthew is the only one who is on the Cpap still recoving from his recent infection, what he thankfully and successfully overcame just like our other son Thomas.

The other great improvement is that all five of them are eating now. Some of them are already on full feed, which is usually around 160ml/day (a little bit more than 5 ounces of breast milk). Mom can still keep up with them.

Annabelle was the last one who finally gave in and now she enjoys 1/2 ounce of milk every 3 hours. Last Friday was the very first time when she was "big" enough (still talking about preemie size :) to be held.

Everyday they are growing so much:

Thomas: 3lb 2oz ( he qualified for a bigger diaper)
Lili: 2lb 14.5oz (she wears the same size as Big Bro)
Hanna: 2lb 5.5oz
Matthew: 2 lb 4 oz
Annabelle: 2 lb 4 oz

They also seem to have less episodes and the high bilirubin level is not an issue any more.
As they grow they are more alert and keep their eyes open. All of them enjoy being held by Kangaroo dad and mom. Even though they are preemies they still do eveything what adults do such as yawning, sneezing, hic-ups. and it's so cute.

David’s first diaper experience with Tommy:
“Today as I was holding Thomas he was very feisty and squirming all over the place. I asked the nurse if she would come over and advise me on his situation. She checked his diaper and it was soaking wet. The nurse changed his diaper and placed his new diaper loose around his bottom. He began to squirm again and again. The next thing I noticed I felt like morning dew on my belly and as I looked down his diaper was completely off his bottom. Guess what? It was pee on my belly.”


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