Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Grandmother's Reflections

“I was preparing for my very first meeting with my grandchildren with great anticipation. Words can not express the kind of feeling I had when I first embraced the little ones.

My mind was quickly trying to remember infant care again. I wanted to do everything the way their mom, Manna, requested and how the Babies like it. My camera was on ready for pictures all the time. I wanted to save precious moments of being together so that I can share as much as possible with the rest of the family in Hungary.

I really liked the fact that besides taking care of the Babies, Dave and Manna had some time to go out and rest. It is due to many dear volunteers whom I had the chance to get to know as well. I can only thank them for the many donations from their church College Park, other friends and family. I really enjoyed meeting their main neonatal doctor and his wife from Riley Hospital. They came to visit the Babies at home. We took the Quints to their weekly pediatrician appointment and their doctor checked them out really thoroughly. A little outing like this with five Babies is not a simple thing to do but it went so smoothly.

I will board the plane and go home hoping that the plane will bring me back as soon as possible. Since what grandma would not long for being with her little grandchildren, daughter and dear friends?"


Maureen said...

I would love it if you might consider sharing some of "Grandmother's Reflections" in an article for an upcoming issue of SUPERTWINS magazine. I am certain that so many other grandparents of triplets, quads, quints or more will definitely see much of their own thoughts, impressions and feelings in your words. Please think about this and let me know. Thanks, Maureen

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi & Rachel said...

Hey David and Manna,
We just talked to David and Tina and mentioned a great cost effective way for you guys to do diapers. The website is and what you want to look at is called bum genius diapers. They are amazing! They are cloth diapers that grow with the child. What you do is purchase the bum genius diapers which are like plastic covers and insert the appropriate cloth insert(newborn or regular) and then when it's dirty just wash the insert. With cleaning they also sell a hose that attaches to the sink that you can use to rinse off messes into the toilet. It seems like a bit of money at first but in actuallity you will spend the same amount in less than two months on regular diapers. They really help with potty training and they adjust as the kids grow. Let me know if you have any more questions!

In Christ Jesus,

a very tired mommy said...

so happy that they all seem to be doing so well!

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