Saturday, August 30, 2008

Belated 10 mos-"fun the go"

The couch is the same... the babies are growing and the summer has flown by so fast. It's a real color coordinated photo. Easy to name the babies.
Pink: Hanna- Miss Pioneer
Blue :Tomi- Mr. Nosy,
Green: Annabelle-Miss Sophisticated,
Purple: Lili-Miss Endearing (purple is her absolute color)
Yellow: Matthew- Mr Cuddle man
Wow, where to start. Their development is picking up really nicely. In the past couple of weeks they are sitting up and this last week their favourite thing is to pull themselves up on pretty much anything they can find. So things are shaky but they don't realize it. Dave and I only have 4 eyes (altogether of course) and two heads (sometimes it feels like more or maybe just spinning :)
So we hear big thump then shortly afterwards crying from always different corners.
Yes, they are getting around and starting to be more mobile. Things are dissapearing from our family room. Why? Because we have to save the cd rack full of cd's, the table lamp, books or rather the babies.
It's fun and scary at the same time.
They don't have time out yet but we have sort to called "swing rest" to prevent puking greens, orange everywhere. We feel the safest and the most relaxed when they are put in a cage. Sorry, more professionally speaking "super yard".
Of course they love to count the butterflies on Annabelle's helmet and also test the velcro. They enjoy pulling on Lili's beautiful hair and check each other's eye color.
Very rarely we have to take them apart usually they work it out among themselves. Multiple rule.
It's also funny to watch how they move around as a group. Hanna our Pioneer is the leader of the pack. She goes first to pave the way towards secret corners where we can't see her for a moment. Then usually her little follower Annabelle takes her "butterflies" for some scavenger hunt after Hanna. Tomi doesn't want to miss the fun and he wants to be there to save her brave sisters just in case. Lili is observing and Matthew is just smiling being satisfied where he is.

Annabelle is more than 14lbs and the boys were around 16lbs. Hanna and Lili are 15 something.


Maribeth said...

Oh they are so beautiful! I can't believe how big they are!!!

Tripletdad7 "Scott" said...

They look wonderful. It is funny how you describe each of them differently. Many people think my girls would have similar personalities. However, each one is really different from each other.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Scott H. (INDY_MOM's - dad)

crazed lunatic said...

fantastic! i keep tabs on you guys from time to time from Paula and Jameson's was crazy with twins and a daycare out of my home...I can only imagine how wonderfully crazy it is for you with five all the same age.... sounds like you guys are hanging right in there, and your kidlets couldn't be cuter!! :)

crazed lunatic said...

btw...just read the post below regarding awesome! am so glad that you have the resource of the milk bank. :)

Edina Eszter said...

Mennyi sok szép baba! Tapasztalatlan szemnek nehéz megállapítani, ki kihez tartozik :D

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I can hardly believe it's coming up on a year since the babies were born. Where does the time go? They all look so beautiful and grown much fun!

Amy Hornek

ilgya said...

Olyan szépek!!!!

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