Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 9 months

On July 19th they turned 9 months

This is another milestone just because they are getting to be more and more MOBILE. Well, I guess this is good preparation for the walking stage.
Our precious Quints are getting big. On July 19th (6 mo corrected age) we started them on yellow veggies. Our menu is carrots, squash and sweet potatoes so far.The first weeks of August they will turn green like Shrek b/c we are starting with the green ones.
The "Hoo Hoo" shirts were donations. Check it out at

Here are some numbers after their 9 mo check up.
Annabelle our petite one is 13 lbs 11 oz, 24'' 3/4
Lili is the second smallest now 14lbs 12 oz, 25'' 1/4, she is one of the longest (partly b/c of her hair :O)
Hanna has the thickest thunder thighs: 15 lbs, 24'' 7/8
Tomi due to strict "bed rest" and lots of oats he is catching up nicely (after being the smallest for a little bit he is the second biggest) Go Tomi! 15 lbs 2oz, 25'' 1/2 He is our muscle man
Matthew he is still our biggest teddy 15lbs 8oz, 25'' 1/4 he got a lot longer. Hanna still beats him with her thighs (not literally of course:)

Now a little bit about them individually.
Girls first.
On 7/15 Annabelle got an adorable helmet to shape the back of her head. We are still debating if she looks like a girly football player or hockey player. She is a hero. She got used to it very easily. She has occupational therapy once a week. She is catching up with her siblings amazingly well. She amazes us every day. She is very joyful and makes lots of funny giggles.
Tooth count: she has two down

Lili is the only one who has not have any teeth yet. She has not crawled yet but getting there. Both girls get on their knees and rocking. Adorable. She still has a sweet temper. Very friendly and patient. She has a huge smile when we get her from her bed.
She is so easy going that it doesn't bother her when Tomi gets a hold of her beautiful hair.

Hanna is the most advanced among them. She is an acrobat. She stands on her head. Flips. Sometimes it looks like she is ready to pull herself up and stand. Last Sunday (end of july) she figured out how to crawl. She sits very confidently. Actually it's funny to see her playing in a sitting position. We think she would need a helmet b/c she hits her head sometimes. Well, it comes with being a growing baby. She has quite the temper but we consider her a calm baby.
Teeth count: she is leading the pack in this also. She is having her 4th teeth. 2 down and 2 up.
Thomas/ Tomi: I am afraid I don't have enough time or space here. He is one of a kind. Today he flipped over with his bouncy chair. He didn't even cry. he thought it was fun. I removed him so that he wouldn't do it again. The other day we couldn't find him. "Where is Tomi?" He was hiding and discovering behind the furniture chewing on the cord of the Tv.
He gets super excited about eating. He loves scooting like a little marine. He is really fast.
He is having two of his bottom teeth. He is the most joyful kiddo we have been around
Matthew/Mate: He is a lovely natured kid. He is so endearing that everyone who comes to help falls in love with him. He makes sure that you are holding him long enough since he is taking his time with his meals. He loves his OT and PT exercises. Papa Cliff makes sure that he has enough practice for the day. He is a sweet little boy and loves to snuggle.


Heather said...

Wow! They are SO big!!!

I love the owl shirts and updates.

Maribeth said...

They are beautiful! It's amazing how fast the last 9 months have gone!

crazed lunatic said...

love the updates! your babies are so precious. it only gets more fun the older they get.... though i have two less kiddos than you. it's always going to be busy for you, but you have so many blessings with them!

chilykee said...

OMG! Lili is so cute there! But the others are adorable too. God bless u all!
chilykee from Hungary

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