Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milk...milk and milk

This post is dedicated to a very special organization to Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank. Through them a dream of ours came true because with their help we were able to supply our children exclusively with breast milk up 15 months of their life.

According to their calculations, they have provided 15,892 ounces of milk to the quints since they started receiving milk as an outpatient on 1/28/08. That is about 125 gallons (473.2 liters) of donor milk! Amazing! In addition to that, they provided milk for the first three months of our baby's lives as well, with 1,108 ounces. Thus, the grand total is 17,000 ounces. Right on the dot!

The beauty of our story is that during all these months the Milk bank kept supplying us generously not knowing if insurance will reimburse them while our paperwork was pending for months. In the very beginning while we were still adjusting to our five babies at home they delivered the milk personally, which led to a very good and personable relationship between us.
Good news insurance ended up reimbusing the costs up till January 2009.
One of our sweetest experiences with them is the following.

Last fall we flew to Hungary with all five of them. We were firm about not giving them formula overseas. The Lord provided through the Milk Bank again. They took care about us even though their pasteurizer machine just broke down before our trip.
They supplied us with two huge boxes of frozen donor milk on dry ice. 540 oz total.
You can imagine the logistics of it and the joy of the airlines .

Due to the overwhelming demand for pasteurized donor human milk, the milk bank needs more donors! The screening process is fairly simple and the milk bank covers all costs associated with donation - blood draw, shipping, bags, etc. We can accept donors from throughout Indiana and all over the midwest. For more information, please visit the "How to Donate" tab of the milk bank's website at contact Dane at 317/329-7146.
If you would like to read a beautiful story about extremly premature triplets and an amazingly dedicated mother please click on this link You will also learn fascinating details about the milk banks in the U.S.


Mike said...

I wish I had a breast pump, I would totally be donating! I'm so thankful for one abundant supply!

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