Thursday, February 26, 2009

those wonderful Friday nights

Our "Faithful Friday Friends" the Leatherbury ladies have been coming over a year now. Every single Friday Dave and I can relax or go out a little bit. Here are their thoughts:

"I love helping take care of the quints! It's special seeing them grow from helpless, tiny babies into inquisitive, sweet toddlers discovering the world around them. Abby Leatherbury

Manna fruitlessly rummaged through her cupboards and came up empty-handed. "I feel like a stranger in my own house!" she exclaimed. What newlywed couple could stand having their privacy invaded at all hours and days of the week? And have others organize, clean and run their their home? Only a couple that is filled with the grace of God and a mission so big and so important that their personal preferences take a back seat.One of the greatest privileges of helping Dave and Manna with their beautiful babies has been watching this new, young married couple mature into a wise, godly family full of patience, love, gentleness, sacrifice and hospitality. All of us who have been involved with this family have seen God show Himself every time we go. Before our eyes we watched these tiny, fragile, helpless babies grow into strong, healthy toddlers. And we've seen Dave and Manna grow confident, competent and joyful in this gargantuan task of raising quints--and we know it's because He is in their hearts, guiding and strengthening them. Watching this family grow in the grace and knowledge of Him is truly a beautiful thing! I have been blessed!"

Becky Leatherbury

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