Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End of October report

October 25th Manna’s best friend, Detti, came from Hungary with her little toddler girl Hannika (she is 5-6 months younger than ours). They stayed for three weeks. Let me tell you these three weeks were like an Oasis for me. We went through so much though. Staph infection and yeast have been a constant battle for us. Especially for our girls who have passed it back and forth. Well, this time I came down with Mersa. It was really tough and it’s God’s miracle that nobody got it from me.
Having Detti my friend here meant so much through these difficult times. Cliff and Debbie helped a lot with homeopathic ideas. If you are in a similar situation we are happy to share about some of the remedies we have tried with them.
On Saturday, November 7th, a very dedicated team of enthusiastic ladies came to rescue us in a form of a BIG cleaning day. We tried to bleach anything what the kids came in contact with. Again, it was one of the warmest days in November so our deck looked like a huge garage sale with all the kids’ toys and books. Thank you so much again ladies and your children.. We could not have done all this without your help! It was also a neat day of fellowship.

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