Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall happenings- September& partly October

There was so much happening in our lives that updating the blog was put on the back burner. Let me summarize what we have been doing this fall before it will be officially December.
Labor day was so beautiful that we decided to take them to the Zoo. Grandma Manley, Papa Cliff and Debbie was our team and yes mommy Manna as well (she would have not missed this for the world). David stayed home to catch up with things and make some home made yoghurt.

The kids are at an age when they name everything and they get super excited about all kinds of nature stuff especially animals. So the zoo was a perfect place to take them. We all really enjoyed and learned a lot. Indianapolis has a really friendly zoo and it's easy to go around in a comfortable pace. Since it was the five of us everybody could have some special one and one time and of course we switch them up. Our toddler backpack mainly on mommy's back came handy for the fifth pumpkin.

Then October came around. The first time David and I were able to be "kids free" and left for Cincinnati for our anniversary. Oh well, I didn't count when we were both had to be gone in Hungary to straighten out some visa problems but this was planned.
Cliff and Debbie looked after them. We all had such a great time. Everybody was blessed with what they needed the most.

October 7th, which is our anniversary we took them to Lion’s Park in Zionsville. Again we were blessed with a beautiful fall day when we could take pictures with Natasha. We consider her amazing photos as their two year old pictures.

Sunday, October 18th our beloved family on David's side came to celebrate the quints 2nd Birthday with us. It was special and we captured many great moments as you can see on some of the slide shows.
Next day on their official Birthday we took them for a real walk what I mean by that is without any strollers. You know as big boys and girls walk on the sidewalk. Of course we had enough people with us. Cliff and Debbie, Kate, Elizabeth our neighbor friend, Christina, David and I. We took beautiful fall pictures.
Debbie brought her famous sugar free yet sweet muffins those were our “cupcakes”.

As far as a bigger Birthday party we kept going back and forth whether to have friends over or not. Annabelle and Lili ended up with high fever and sore throat so it’s great that we did not end up having it. Maybe when they will be older…

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