Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Christmas in 2009

Many of you asked how was our Christmas?
It was wonderful but let us tell you a little bit about it in details if you are interested in.

We had our sweet Aunt Kay from Chicago and Grandma visiting. Thank you for your great gifts and the precious moments we could share together since we don't see each other very often.

To me as a Hungarian probably the day of Christmas eve was the most exciting and intimate. It's neat to combine tradition what we grew up with and establish new customs with our children. I enjoyed making our traditional sweet poppy seed and walnut Hungarian Christmas bread. It takes about 4 hours until it's served. The kids are so funny as they peek into the oven and I have the chance to teach them it's mommy's "beigli" for you guys... When we look through Christmas books and a mom is fixing goodies of course it is called beigli now :)
Anyways, our big dream came true as we put all of them around the table in booster chairs. So the seven of us had fresh waffles with some fruits which disappeared as they gobbled it down quickly. How did it feel? Oh, they all felt like big boys and big girls and we were proud daddy and mommy!

They took a nice long nap in the afternoon which gave me time to bake and Dave to do the grocery.
In the evening we all sat down again. Read the Christmas story, sang (Manna picked up her recorder and the guitar). We opened our sweet grandparents and parents packages from Hungary. Lots of goodies like great grandma's home made prunes and gingerbread cookies. We all loved the sweet shirts, books on cd, gloves and stockings. If you think about it they traveled across the ocean.
After the kids went to bed David and we could exchange our modest gifts and sing some more.
Our hearts were filled with joy and thankfullness.


ralf said...
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ralf said...

Happy 2010 from UK. Always I see news her on the blog The Big family. Ralf

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