Thursday, January 7, 2010

We love our therapists!

I would like to dedicate this post to our fantastic, hard working and fun therapists!

Enjoy the following "therapics" of our children's therapies. If you have not heard about First Steps let us introduce it to you briefly. It's a state program, which offers different therapists to come to your home and work with your children if they qualify from birth to age 3.
Having premature quints some of our kiddos qualified for different reasons e.g. developmental delay or late speech etc.

It has been the the greatest privilege to have these wonderful kid-loving ladies in our home. They bring so much fun, excitement and lots of new challenges every week they come. We love having them here. Some of them come couple times a week since they see our different quints. The cool thing is that they include brother and sisters. Sometimes we do group play. Lots' of messy things at the table. Miss Barb says the messier it is the better it is for them :)
We all love Miss Shiela's "happy happy" stamp on our hands and her cheerful cd's. Miss Renee brings her awesome slide and the best push/ ride on toys.
We love reading books and do focus play with Miss Carla early on Wednesday mornings. One cold December morning as I went to get Annabelle to get her ready for speech sure enough she was sound asleep not like her two sisters. So we had a little girls' party that morning as I brought all three of them down. I told them we have to get ready with breakfast and change because Miss Carla is coming soon. You should have seen them. They got so excited, put the step stool by the front door and were looking through the window. They were waiting for her more than for Santa Claus.
Our team of therapists is such a great blessing because we believe the Lord put this team together.
Not just the kids but us parents learn so much about how to work with our children, challenge them with age appropriate activities, help their language to come and how to reduce their frustration etc.
I think if I can choose another career I would be a therapists myself too. Thanks to David, Grandma, Papa Cliff and Debbie I have lots of help to provide the extra attention they daily need to grow in their skills and various areas.
I think for me personally one of the biggest blessings in having multiple babies is that I got to know these amazing ladies through First Steps. They accompany me, inspire me everyday they come and we learn so much from them as they provide the right insight to understand our children better.


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