Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second week of August

Misi Papa, Marcsi Mama and Aunt Agi had a great time with us the second week of August.
David was so supportive that he let me join them for 5 days to tour with them (Illionois, Missuri and Tennesi) the week before. Getting back to Indianapolis I was ready to do lots of fun things with the kids and our family. Oh, it's so nice to have lots of extra hands and eyes to do special things with five toddlers.
We showed them our favorite spots like the sprinkle park in Zionsville, the climbing gym in Trader's Point Church. We visited the Zoo and the Children's Museum. It was fun to see animals at the State Fair.
They all get to meet with our First Step "Friends". Well, therapists...
During the year we send lots of photos and dvds over to Hungary (like little document films) to show what the kids are doing, how life is here. This was so cool for them to finally see it in person.
The kids all loved the Hungarian bedtime stories of Mama, Papa and Agi.
For them it was so wonderful to hold them, play with them, draw them what they ordered (Mate-balls, Bella-bears, Hanna-doggies etc.)

We will all cherish these memories and keep up via skype until we see each other again.

Here come the pictures.

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