Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our very special and busy Sunday in AL

Our last Sunday here in Birmingham was busy and overwhelming. You can see some photos of Matthew's Sunday school (the 4 year olds teacher is Ms. Lisa and her assistant is her daughter Amber). Amber has a very special place in Matthew's heart. When he talks about her his face and eyes light up. On Wed they will have ice cream before his last Bible class. It is truly a sweet friendship! After church we went to our favorite place to Jason's Deli. Matthew did not need any reminders to squeeze and control his spoon full of ice cream. It just shows his skills when he is motivated. Short afternoon nap, evening service and we were invited to a youth gathering right afterwards. He loved hanging out with teenagers. It was another unforgettable day and so special to see how many new friends the Lord blessed us with while we were here.

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