Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reflection on 2012

As we reminisce about this year behind us, our hearts are filled with joy and thankfulness. In many respects 2012 was a year of independence as it is really getting easier with the quints, yet we learned to depend on the Lord even more through some challenging times. We get fresh grace for each new day and that keeps us going. In the beginning of the year the kids and Manna were so blessed to be able to spend two amazing months in Hungary. The spring brought some significant changes in our diet, which is really a life style for us as we go everywhere with Pyrex dishes and our Crockpot. By the way it’s fun to pack peas and Brussels sprouts for school snacks and Sunday school. This summer we had an intense therapy trip to Alabama where Matthew made a remarkable progress using his left upper extremity and gained much needed independence. Fundraising, lining up help, being hosted by hospitable Birmingham friends and participating in 8 hours of therapy daily were all incredible for Matthew and Manna. This school year all the kids are involved in the last year of their preschool. Lili and Matthew are benefitting from some services; the other three are peer friends. They go different days, different times in two classes. Thankfully most of the year we can enjoy walks back and forth to the school, which makes us feel like Hungary. It’s fun to see them grow and change as they learn so much in school and what we teach here at home too. Annabelle is still rising up as the oldest, most responsible and independent child. She became a lot more lady like but she still dressed up as a fireman this year  She is quite an artist and so creative. Tomi loves school and plays for hours with building toys in his room. He still blows us away with his imagination and inventive spirit. He is also a little handyman and fixes things mommy can’t. Love it. Hanna is still so dainty and grew probably the most in eager and obedient spirit. She is definitely willing to help and is a wonderful role model in the family. Her love for books is contagious. Lili: if I can only count how many princesses we drew, colored and cut out this year! She cheers us up with her sweet, bubbly, butterfly spirit. She still gets away with more than she should but responds quicker and obeys a lot more. Matthew is really into, dogs, papers, letters, numbers and addition. He is making a ton of progress. He is our sunshine and we love him to pieces for his joyful spirit and hilarious humor. This November he had an orthopedic surgery in New Jersey. Time will tell the gain. Dave and I were able to take a couple trips this year to Cincinnati and Lexington. We are thankful for each other as we tag team daily. He is the most appreciative person when it comes down to my cooking. We are so grateful for a diligent and tender hearted Husband and Daddy who continues to lead our family to love and pursue our beautiful and sufficient Savior.
Have an abundant New Year!

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