Thursday, March 14, 2013

Here is a little update from us. The new year started fresh and wonderful. This cold and snowy winter sweet and faithful Friends like Caroline and Brent hang out with our children quite a bit allowing us to get away a little bit. We celebrated both of our birthdays and Valentine's day as well. These are much needed dates and help us to be better parents.
We enjoy homeschooling every little time we have. We are working our way through My Father's World (not so much handwriting and phonics yet). It has been a wonderful journey discovering our world through God's eyes. We learn little reminders with each letter like: "I will live and grow in Jesus", like the leaf or "Big and small, God made them all". My favorite is: "God made me wonderful". We were reading and learning about the Sun, Moon, Leaf, Nest, Apples, Five Senses, Dinos and now we are entering into the deep see and discovering Octopuses.
It's neat to see how much they soak up only by reading and crafts. (The rest will come later).
We are also preparing our hearts for Easter this lent season.
The colored pillows are part of a sewing project with my dear friend Penny. Yes, my great and long cherished dream to learn how to sew is becoming true week by week. They love to snuggle with their own soft, colored letters.
I have to say the biggest progress we have made is with chores around the house. Five is really the magic age when they start to be actually helpful. They do dishes, fold their laundry (least favorite), sweep, clean sinks, water plants and help cooking (this is their favorite).

That's all as far as a quick update and a few recent photos.

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