Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The first month of the spring! Yeah! We celebrated David's birthday in the beginning. We also enjoyed having an OT student in our home working with the boys on Fridays. On Thursdays I have two more faithful helpers. Two sisters who are absolutely fantastic to have during busy evening hours. They keep the children entertained while I am making dinner or getting some things done around the house. They also make it possible for me that I can spend some one on one quality time with them right before bed.
Two more outings:
We went to see the Dora exhibit to the Children's Museum. Boy, they are so much easier to keep track compared to 5-6 months ago when we first went. Well, we are maturing slowly but for sure.

While the boys were on spring break we took adventage of our free Thursday mornings and visited the Library's story time sessions. It was so much fun and they really have a love for books. I wish we can do this every week but we have to wait until everybody will be on the same schedule again.

On March 19th we visited our newborn cousin Max and his family. We had a great time with them.

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