Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a packed weekend in April

April 16th and 17th was such a fun weekend. This weekend I had the chance to bond with each one of them as we went to various places.
We were invited to a sweet little birthday party. Lili and Tomi were healthy so they got to come to celebrate Sophie's 5th birthday. This was our very first "friend's party" we got to go. How fun! I certainly did not have this growing up (at least not this young)
There was a little dance with ribbons, decorating water cans and cupcakes and of course Easter egg hunt.
We all had a great time.
On Sunday Annabelle and Hanna had the chance to come with Miss Christina and I to watch some ballet pieces performed by the students of the Ballet School of Indpls. It was mainly from Coppelia (which reminded me a lot of home, since it is from the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy times) The music, costumes, dances and these young talents were spectacular. It's fun to expose the kids to things what we adults enjoy. I consider myself more of a nature person rather than a mall girl but it was cool to do some window shopping and try some things on with the girls.
The best part was our spring stroll in the park of the Art Museum where we stopped by. I loved seeing the girls just running around freely.
The flowers, bushes and trees were so beautiful too.

I will cherish these hours as we have been getting so much rain and many cloudy days. Hopefully we will reap in May as everything will turn lush and green.

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