Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet February

February is always a month I am excited about. First of all my birthday, Valentine's day (which we do not really celebrate but always fun to share some lovely moments and make it specail) and of course going out of the winter...Well, this year we got a lot of extra snow and ice on top of ice then snow....
This year our sweet cousin Anita visited us from San Diego where she is currently working right now. We were all so excited to see her and spend 4 days together.
It was neat to see how quickly the quints bonded with her. Of course the language is always an instant connection and a very special treasure we have in common. She also brought many goodies, fun things for the children.
We had most of our close Hungarian friends over. We played play dough, read and spent some quality time with the children in the morning. Then during nap time we watched a beautiful documentary film together and had lunch. This was such a special way to celebrate my birthday.
Guess what my very favorite birthday gift was? Hanna potty trained herself exactly on my b'day. We made a big deal out of that, called Hungary, took photos everything under the sun.
Finally!!!!!!!!!! I guess if we have to wait for something to happen we have greater appreciation for it. It is so exciting though.

Another cool thing was that David and Debbie surprised me with a huge 30th surprise party while Ani was here, which was AMAZING. I guess that is one good thing about turning 30. It's also easy for the children to remember they just place a zero next to their age and that way they get mommy's age.
By the way they started to call me "Marianna" and I love how they are starting to roll their letter 'r'.
Enjoy these captured moments with Anita.

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