Monday, October 22, 2007

Dave & Manna Spend Time with ... (names below!)

Manna has improved so much since Saturday morning, but recovery just takes a lot of time! On Sunday, she and Dave were able to go visit the babies at the NICU. It was a very exciting and emotional time for Manna. It was great for her to meet each nurse who is assigned to each baby and also the neonatalogists and respiratory therapist. A lot of great information was shared that helped them really understand the kinds of issues that preemies have. It became clear that each baby is going to have continual changes in health that will require a change of treatment, meaning a different breathing machine, a new medication, perhaps a blood transfusion, etc.
These changes do not necessarily indicate an emergency, just a need to change the plan.

With this understanding, it was much easier to feel good about Baby A's and Baby Boy E (D in utero)'s conditions today. There had been a concern that they were somewhat unstable. Please see prayer request updates below. The other three babies are all doing very well at the moment. Manna got to touch their little bodies, talk to them .... and decide on their NAMES!!!!

Here we go:

Baby Girl A: Anna Belle (she will go by both names together) 1st born
Baby Boy B: Thomas David 2nd born
Baby Girl C: Hanna Marie (she will go by her first name) 3rd born
Baby Boy E-D: Matthew Daniel 5th born
Baby Girl D-E: Lili Anne (she will go by her first name) 4th born

Aren't they beautiful?!!! They work both in English and Hungarian. Manna should find out this morning (Monday) if she is going to be released from the hospital.

Wasn't the video in church great? Big thanks to Jenny Brake for putting it together! We will try to get it on the blog in a couple of days.

This is a lot of detail, more than we will likely be able to maintain over the coming weeks, but wanted you to get a feel for the kind of information that Dave and Manna have to process and then turn over to the Lord!


thespanishprof said...

Dave & Manna-

We rejoice with you and continue to lift each of you up in prayer. God is the blessed controller of all things, and you know of His goodness. We pray for your peace and strength through Jesus.

What a wonderful job you did on naming your little co-ed basketball team! Now we just need to find a sponsorship for the team. :)

Katherine said...

Beautiful names for beautiful children!

If you need A negative blood, I will be more than happy to donate to your cause!

Our prayers are with you!

Amy said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated Dalena! What incredibly beautiful names Dave and Manna have chosen. They are all in my prayers.

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