Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Prayer Requests

Manna's new prayer request is that the sessions on the monitor will go quickly. Each time they try to monitor the babies' heart rates, the babies kick and move, and it sometimes takes up to one hour and a half to complete a 20 minute heart rate strip. This, of course, is very exhausting, especially late at night. Also pray for Dave, as he has many things he is trying to accomplish and yet be there for Manna as much as possible.

Manna now has her internet connection working, Christian music stations to listen to, and Skype is fixed so that she should be able to communicate more freely with her friends and family overseas.

Manna is daily putting her hope and trust in God and using every opportunity to witness to those around her, especially the nurses who have to stand there holding the monitors on her belly for long stretches of time. Please pray that the gospel goes out from the Manley room!

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