Friday, October 19, 2007

A Few Friendly Faces

Girls: A, C, & D
Boys: B & E

Top: Baby B with Dave's mom
Middle: Baby C
Bottom: Baby D

Names and measurements will be posted soon. Tonight's photos don't include everyone, obviously -- but rest assured, more are soon to come!


the Maleks said...

We are so very thankful they are all here safely!! What a tremendous happy blessing. We will continue to pray for their little lives to grow and thrive in God's grace and care.
Bess, Baher, Clara and Ben Malek

Kerry said...

Dave and Manna,
Tears come to our eyes as we see these pictures and rejoice with you in GOD'S victories ... He is truly the great physician and knows the desires of our hearts. He has plans for these babies... plans for a hope and a future, plans to prosper them and not to harm them. (Jer) ... many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord (Ps 40) and you will have a new song in your mouth ... one of praise to our God for such wonders He has made!!!!

I continue to pray also for God's specific provisions to be made clear knowing that so many blessings and treasures are also being stored up for you in heaven because I know how you have poured your hearts out for our Lord at this time. We love you so much!

Katherine said...

It is so amazing to look at these little ones who came so early! They are a testimony to God's design!

God bless you all!
Katherine, Tim, Christian, Joshua, and Emma Rose Gerber

biborcsiga said...

Halihó, ott a nagy messzi Amerikában! Gratulálunk, szépek vagytok, nagyon sokat gondolunk rátok! Kicsit lassan megy az angol, de böngészgetjük a bejegyzéseket, együtt örülünk veletek! Imádkozunk értetek, a segítőitekért:) Üdv Veszprémből - Rajmund és Manka

Dan and Trice said...

Nice work!
We love you.
Dan and Trice

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