Monday, October 15, 2007

Ultrasound -- It's Time to Weigh In!

This morning was the long-awaited ultrasound to take new measurements of the babies and see how they are progressing. The great news is that the 3 babies who have not had growth restriction issues have all gained very well in the last 2 weeks:

Baby B
went from 1 lb 11 oz to 2 lb 3 oz;
Baby C
from 1 lb 11 oz to 2 lb 1 oz;
and Baby E from 1 lb 11 oz to 2 lb 3 oz.
Little Baby A gained 4 oz -- from 1 lb 1 oz to 1 lb 5 oz!!!!
Baby D's measurements were a little disconcerting. According to today's estimate, he has lost 2 oz, going from 1 lb 14 oz to 1 lb 12 oz.

Of course, we must remember that these are estimates. Many moms have told stories of how their babies weighed either significantly more or less than their ultrasound estimates. It is very difficult to get accurate measurements in such a tight space. We can be very thankful for the trends for the four babies -- they are gaining! And we can pray that Baby D, and the rest, especially little Baby A, get all the nourishment they need, and that God will get the glory for the work He is doing in these babies.

They are continuing to keep a close eye on Manna's mild pre-eclampsia. She also has gained more weight this week. Thanks to those who have been providing high-protein meals for her! She will have another ultrasound on Wednesday to check on A and D when her doctor gets back into town.

Keep those prayers coming!


Christine Bolton said...

Yeah 28 weeks! What a blessing. Thank you Lord!! I'm still praying for you girl!
love, Christine

Colan said...

Congratulations to the Manley's.
We will say a special prayer for the family tomorrow Sunday at mass.
Mailou, Lan and family

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