Saturday, October 20, 2007

Delivery Day Details from a Friend

According to Robin...
At 2:00 the doctor said that is was time to deliver the babies -- like, now! She had to assemble a team of 5 specialists per baby, plus a very large delivery crew. By 4:00 pm, Manna was in the operating room being prepped for surgery. They gave her an epidural so she could be awake. Dave sat at her head. The doctor said later that there were a total of 23 people in the operating room!

At 4:25 pm, Baby A was born. She looked so tiny yet so beautiful. And she made a little squeak of a cry that brought tears of joy to our eyes. She was quickly whisked away to the NICU. At 4:26, Baby Boy B was born, bigger than A and with another beautiful little whimper. At 4:28, Baby Girl C. At 4:29, Baby Girl E (which they call D because she was the fourth one born -- very confusing!!). At 4:30 pm, Baby Boy D (NICU's E). They all squeaked a little and were all beautifully perfect. They all have a lot of hair, mostly dark. They were all about 13" long or so.

Manna was great through the whole thing. She didn't get to see the babies from her vantage point, but she heard each of them cry. The rest of her surgery went very well. Dave's mother was out in the baby triage area where they were all being cared for, which was really fun for her. Everyone said how healthy the babies looked for 28 weeks. We still don't have the exact weights, but they were all fairly close to the ultrasound measurements last Monday.

Two of the girls are on ventilators for now, and the other 3 are on C-PAP machines. This can change at any time as they assess their needs. Before they took them to the new hospital, they brought each one in his/her traveling incubator to see Manna. It was so special for her. Dave got to be with them all late tonight, touching their little hands and feet and marvelling at God's perfect creation.

They are absolutely elated, and so full of thanks to the Lord. They realize that this next week is very critical for the babies. They may have struggles as time goes along. It is a lot for 28 week old babies to learn how to live in the outside world. This is a reason to continue praying fervently.

Manna has asked for no visitors today(Saturday) as she continues to recover from surgery and transition into being a mom. Depending on her condition, she may be able to visit the babies late tomorrow. Please know that no visitors will be allowed to see the babies without prior permission from Dave and Manna. This is standard procedure in the NICU. Also, no children under 18 are allowed in there.

In case you're wondering, although they have names picked out for the babies, they haven't assigned them yet (can you imagine???).

Praise God for a great, awe-inspiring day full of life!


Amy said...

Congratulations Dave and Manna! Michael, Lilla and I will be praying for you and those gorgeous little ones!

God bless,
Amy Hornek

Maribeth said...

Congratulations and prayers being sent to the new family!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Dave and Manna. I came from Amy's blog. I'm praying for your family especially your newborn babies. May God give them strength and best of health.

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